An interactive installation where visitors can explore the effects of light in architecture during the various seasons.

City Lights

An interactive installation where visitors collaborate to build and light up an urban-tableau.

Bio-sonic Sense

An interactive artwork where visitors can explore the effects of sound pollution in marine mammals.

Visitors’ Album

Web-app for playful engagement with the artwork through collective sharing of emotions.

Shadow Sounds

A 2D top-down horror game demo.

Thin Ice

A third-person survival game based around global warming as experienced through the eyes of a polar bear.‚Äč

Mutate or Die!

MUTATE or DIE! is a four person local multi-player game, where each player controls an alien using a game pad.

Lazy Keyboard

A keyboard on which if you type too fast, it will refuse to process your input properly.


A prototype of a modular hybrid toys concept where each sphere contains different interactions based on various senses.

Rejsekort check-out re-designed

Rejsekort check out with playful sounds.