An interactive installation where visitors can explore the effects of light in architecture during the various seasons.

Lyshus is an installation where visitors use the control panel on the roof of the house to control its lighting conditions. The control panel has various options, focusing on the light during the various seasons and times of day.

Lyshus is a social experience aimed towards families, where the parent or guardian is controlling the settings using the panel, while children can be inside and experience the full effect of lighting.

Lyshus was exhibited in the space of the Dansk Arkitektur Center.

Role: Experience Designer

I was the designer and developer behind the project. I employed participatory design by involving stakeholders and users throughout the process. The installation was set in the educational space of the institution and the target group was families with children. I considered the goals of individual stakeholders to deploy an open-ended installation. I, then, followed that installation observing visitor use. Finally, I conducted an analysis on the results. In my analysis I suggested specific future directions for the institution to explore regarding other similar installations they might want to set up in their space.