An interactive installation where visitors collaborate to build and light up an urban-tableau.

City Lights was set up for a duration of three months, and consisted of an interactive space, where visitors could control the light of three smart bulbs to create different moods—e.g. cozy, scary, winter, summer—while positioning objects on a hexagonal table to create urban tableaus—i.e. small scenes that resemble scenes from a city. The installation was designed to support open interaction and interpretation, giving space for instances of appropriation to emerge.

The installation is aimed towards groups of people. Using social interaction, visitors collaborate together, exploring the different material of objects, and how light reflects on those materials. The goal is to understand the effects of light in architecture, and to engage creatively with the installation.

City Lights was exhibited in the space of the Dansk Arkitektur Center.

Role: Experience Designer

I was the designer and developer behind the project. I employed participatory design by involving stakeholders and users throughout the process. Initially, I considered the goals of individual stakeholders to deploy an open-ended installation. I, then, followed that installation observing visitor use. Finally, I re-designed the installation based on that use.

Final Sketches