Rejsekort check out with playful sounds.

With the introduction of Rejsekort, using public transportation in Denmark has been made seemingly easier for the passengers. A key issue, however, with using the card is that one might frequently forget to check-out you will get deducted 50 kroner as a penalty, no matter the cost of your journey. Check-out it is neither memorable nor interesting and, as a result, easy to forget. We believe that checking-out can be made more engaging and memorable, if we turn it into a playful interaction.

In our project we introduced personalized sounds for checking-out. The goal was that such an interaction would make it possible for the user to recognize their own check-out sound and know that they successfully have checked-out. The possible sounds would be presented in an online library, from which users would be able to choose amongst a wide variety. By making it possible for the users to choose their own sound rather than having the standard sound, the user is given some control and a playful atmosphere in an otherwise mundane part of our routine: public transportation.

Role: Interaction Designer

The project was part of a course in Play Design and it was two weeks under development. My role was to design and build up those toys in collaboration with the other four member of my team. I worked on sound editing and on building an android app that we placed in the Rejsekort cardboard copy. That app would scan Rejsekort travel cards for their NFC tag and play a stored sound. We implemented the app for testing purposes. We deployed the prototype during the Culture Night in the space of ITU where we observed visitors interacting with it while they were entering and exiting the elevator.