Rejsekort check out with playful sounds.

With the introduction of Rejsekort, using public transportation in Denmark has been made seemingly easier for the passengers. However, based on our own personal experiences, we agreed that Rejsekort has not made everything easier in terms of using public transportation. For example, when you reach a certain amount of money on your rejsekort, you will have to top-up your card before you can check-in again. If you top-up your card online on the webpage, it will take 24 hours before the money has been registered. Last but not least, if you forget to check-out you will get deducted 50 kroner as a penalty, no matter the cost of your journey. We agreed that especially remembering to check-out is what causes us the most problems. It is simply too easy to forget to check-out, as it is neither memorable nor interesting to check-out. It is just a mundane action, that can easily be forgotten when you are in a hurry. We believe that checking-out can be made more engaging and therefore more memorable, if we make it more playful to check-out.

And by simply changing the check-out sound without changing the action or purpose of checking-out, we add a playful attitude to Rejsekort. Furthermore, the personal sounds would make it possible for the user to recognize their check-out sound and know that they successfully have checked-out. The possible sounds would be presented in an online library, from which users would be able to choose amongst a wide variety of sounds. By making it possible for the users to choose their own sound rather than having the standard sound, the user is given some control, thereby making the addition of a personal check-out sound a way to redesign Rejsekort as more playful.